Tranquility is an interesting word. It’s not an onomatopoeia and yet, considering the historic and moreover encompassing meaning and interpretation of the word it makes an imprint whenever it’s mentioned.

Yet how do you judge tranquility? Can it be good or bad?

Is bad tranquility the kind when your parents tell you to enjoy the holidays and settle down and play scrabble when all you really want to do is get out of the house and meet REAL people and have a drink or 12…

Is good tranquility always a righteous type of tranquility or can it be that first day of rest after a month of work that you spend eating doughnuts on a sofa?

Can tranquility be neutral? Is that it’s nature? Does it have a nature? Can it have negative associations?

All I have to go on right now is snow. The kind that settles very quietly on a landscape that hasn’t seen snow since late March 2013. That won’t see it until 2015 most likely. The kind of snow that quiets the landscape and muffles your steps.

The silence is endearing, encompassing, fleeting…

…and well needed.









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