Waffles are Serious Things

This is a not a waffle.


Waffles at Akerselva


Despite it’s appearance this is a serious visualization of  modern Scandinavian Civil War. Look at this picture. Seems innocent enough? Think again.

To a Norwegian this is an affront. Cutlery? Who eats their waffles with cutlery? And where’s the syrup? This looks way too healthy. And no bacon anywhere. For shame!

The Swedes have to dig deeper, but in the end the affront is even worse. Fine looking pancake. To bad it’s served on a paper plate. Course jam on top, check. Quite a meager amount of whipped cream but I guess it’ll pass so check… WAIT! That’s not fucking whipped cream. Those bastards coated the poor thing with sour cream! And the waffle itself, it’s not even fresh off of the waffle iron! Selling old waffles? Those heathens shall BURN!


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