They always say when in Rome.

Where the roads meet and we find – if not the beginning then a potential restart. But if all the roads lead to Rome that in fact entails that all the roads begin in Rome as well – depending on your perspective. What better place then to start anew, knowing that all the paved and unpaved roads, the broad highways as well as the hidden paths through the woods, the mountain trails and the dark, damp tunnels can eventually be reached and traversed, that they are accessible from this cradle of art and law, combat and countenance…

But what then of Tuscany? Do their roads eventually take the weary wanderer all the way to Romulus & Remus birthplace, or must one perhaps make ones way to Rome in order to reach Tuscany? If Rome is about mobility and speed, the quick pace that marched around the world, Tuscany is set in stone and marble. From the heavy churches clad in a rainbow of colors, the thrones weighed down by blood and siege, to the heavy hilltop fortresses with their dilapidated, crushed beauty.

Rome is motion. Tuscany is transfixed, immovable, grounded. Even today bunkered down and ready for siege…

Castle outside of Firenze


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