And then there was… Nothing

There are many alternate roads into the future. Many people spend their lives worrying about the what’s and if’s, others bull rush ahead and stand surprised first when they cross the finish line and find life wanting of a first prize.

I’ve always considered myself somewhere inbetween – hopeful, gambling on a deep plunge to eventually lead me to a possibly positive outcome, but more than ready for alternative and more dreary results.

But I honestly must say I wasn’t expecting this.


The news was all over the place. “Big Fire at Nedre Foss Gård”, “Pictures before and after”, Nedre Foss Gård is Burning”…

And it was. The physical evidence was there – clear to the eye – as we stood and watched cold, confused, but above all disbelieving. Not as to the fact that the building was burning. That was plain to see. Rather it was a gathered, collective bewilderment as to what this actually meant for us. What we would be. What our value would be without our restaurant to define us.

What was left.

It may sound overly dramatic. It was after all just a restaurant. It was after all just a building.

But in order to be a good chef or waiter you have to let yourself be defined by your work. If home is where you spend the majority of your waking hours then your official residence is nothing but a convenient hotel that you check into every evening to get some rest.

Home is where the drama happens, where friendships and relationships are forged. Where every evening is a new, carefully planned out battle and where every possible outcome will be lamented and analyzed in the dark holes of the local drinking establishments later in the night.

We will find ourselves. Right now we are like the spokes around a missing hub, but we will find ourselves.

And even without the hub, the wheel turns…


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